​​​​We have been providing crop hail insurance services for the past 14 years.  We are dedicated to providing you with a coverage plan that works for you.

We represent the following companies:

  • Wray Hail Agency

  • McQueen Hail Agency

  • Butler Byers Hail Agency​

  • Farmers Hail Agency

  • Coop Hail Agency

  • ​Canadian Hail Agency


​​We provide a quality manufactured twine that is suitable for big round, small square, and large square bales.  Our synthetic twines are available in several sizes and knot strengths.


  • ​UV stabilization guarantee

  • Consistent ball lengths

  • ​Maximum knot strength

  • ​Superior performance



​Round Bales           ​ Big Squares

28,000 ft   110 lb       4,000 ft  440 lb

​40,000 ft   110 lb​       4,000 ft  500 lb

                                  4,000 ft  550 lb

                                  4,000 ft  600 lb

Quality agricultural products

​​Our quality products

Drone demonstration, August 3, 2016


​​Dismissing the idea that "a bag is a bag", Committed Ag (our distributor) takes steps to ensure that each bag is made to withstand our tough North American winters. 


  • ​Maximum tear and puncture resistant

  • ​Consistent gauge thickness

  • ​More cost efficient and energy efficient than bins

  • ​100% recyclable


  • ​8 ft to 12 ft diameters available

  • ​150 ft to 500 ft lengths available​

Price subject to the volume of the orders

Advanced with Agribotix Crop Scouting Software 

Silage bale film is constructed of multi-layered resins with built in UV stabilizers to produce a film that will stand up to the toughest storage conditions.  Manufacturer tested and controlled, the silage film is a quality option for your feed protection needs.


  • ​UV stabilization guaranteed

  • ​Maximum tear and puncture resistant

  • Consistent gauge thickness

  • 100% recyclable​


Standard 30 inch x 5,000 ft

White or green


Silo Guard is the new way to treat all of your baled hay.

It is not an inoculant or acid, it uses a patented combination of sulfur compounds and enzymes to promote healthy fermentation. 

Silo Guard makes baled hay greener and more nutritious, while allowing hay to be baled up to 25% moisture.


​All our plastic is UV stabilized and made to withstand our tough winters so you don't have to worry about cracked or fractured plastic. Available in a number of sized and thicknesses, we have the right product for you!


​Widths from 30 ft to 120 ft

​Lengths up to 1150 ft

5 mil, 6 mil, and 8 mil gauge available!



  • ​UV stabilized

  • ​Increased productivity

  • ​Less crop spoilage

  • Worry-free transport and storage

  • ​100% recyclable

​Proven time and time again, our net wrap is your worry free solution to well-made bale.  Manufactured for use in almost every baler on the market.

​64 inch X 8,000 ft
67 inch x 8,000 ft​​​